ScanGauge MPG gauge: improve your fuel economy

  • Plug and play
  • Works in 1996 and newer vehicles (see compatibility list)
  • 1 year Warranty - Parts and Labor

Price: $159 - shipping included in U.S. (for international shipping, contact us)


Questions? Contact us.

A word about the ScanGauge II from Ben and Darin, EcoModder's co-founders:

We've been enthusiastically recommending the ScanGauge to family, friends and in the forums since we started using the company's first version back in 2005.

Now we're happy to be offering this great product to you directly.

Bottom line: if you're serious about saving fuel, get one! You won't be disappointed.


Want better gas mileage?

The ScanGauge II is the tool of choice for drivers serious about saving fuel. It provides the feedback needed to (a) adjust the nut behind the wheel, or (b) test fuel-saving modifications:

  • instant MPG, in real time
  • trip average MPG (resettable on the fly)
  • tank average MPG
  • engine load, throttle position and more

Save money, have fun

Save $98 to $645 a year: a driver can reduce fuel consumption between 5-33% through smarter driving. (From EPA figures, based on 15,000 miles/year, $2.75/gal and 2009 combined fuel economy average of 21.1 MPG.) Some of our forum members are saving this much and more.

"Game gauge": one of the best ways to save fuel is to make it a game. With a ScanGauge you can turn your daily commute from a chore into an engaging challenge to beat your previous "high score" MPG.

More than just an MPG gauge

The ScanGauge II lets you troubleshoot your own car and turn off the “Check Engine” light.

Monitor 12 built-in digital gauges in real time:

  • engine speed (RPM)
  • coolant temperature
  • battery voltage
  • open/closed loop status
  • intake air temperature
  • fuel economy
  • engine load
  • throttle position
  • ignition timing
  • manifold pressure (not available on some vehicles)
  • vehicle speed (MPH an KM/H)
  • fuel rate

The XGauge feature lets you program additional vehicle-specific gauges - perfect for owners of hybrids and others vehicles who want more information than the 12 built-in gauges provide.


If your vehicle is not ScanGauge compatible, the MPGuino fuel economy gauge is another option. For more info see here, here and here.

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